Chiemsee Photography

The Chiemsee – The Bavarian Sea

Chiemsee it is! The last day of 2020 we didn’t want to miss the opportunity and took a trip to the Chiemsee. Because, the largest lake in Bavaria is always worth a visit, whatsoever temperature or weather. OK, when it is raining cats…

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Phototour4you Pag Island

The Olive Gardens of Lun

The Olive Gardens of Lun are located on the northern shores of Pag Island. The remote settlement of Lun was founded in 1653. But nations of the ‘Old World’ harvested local olive groves and enjoined prime taste of their golden-colored oil long time…

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Velebit Mountain Tulove Grede

Velebit Mountain Tulove Grede

The Nature Park Velebit is quite different from the rest of the massif, it has some of the finest exhibits of karst. Especially Tulove Grede (1120m) is one of most beautiful examples, and it can easily be said, one of most beautiful and recognizable peaks of Velbit…

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Landscape Photography Tips

How to scout a location? Find here the answers! Location scouting is a basic activity but a major part of your ‘homework’ for a perfect landscape photography. Preparation for your scouting trip needs some time investment in advance and is a unique challenge,…

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