The River Zrmanja

phototour sandra sachsenhauser river zrmanja

The River Zrmanja

My dog walk plan changes into a photo walk instantly, when I turn the car around the last bend, reaching a small village located at the river Zrmanja.

A Sunday afternoon, filled with sunlight at 22 Celsius, while the valley appears so peaceful with the colors of the approaching Autumn. Families with their kids enjoy a picnic close to the water, others play badminton or just relax near the sound of the waterfalls. A single cow is roaming the scene and grasses without taking any notice of the people around with her on the meadow.


The restaurant, with a wide outdoor facility, overlooks the waterfalls with the romantic valley. The few buildings arranged around the access to the riverside, the falls and the meadows are almost too small to call it a village, but the people located within the municipality of Obrovac, might think differently. A tiny Dalmatian stone house has a water mill with a single grinding stone inside. There are no paddles anymore to drive the stone, but one can still imagine when the people worked their grains to have flour (brašno) to bake bread (kruh).

I do not skip the dog walk but decide the doggies must wait a bit until I captured this beautiful view with my camera, which was luckily with me in the car this afternoon.

At least once a week, I do a kind of ‘small adventure trip’ with my dogs to break the routine, because walking always the same spots must be boring, at least I imagine it like this.

Therefore, I feel double rewarded, after the 10 kilometer narrow street (only space for one car) to get there and enjoy my photo walk within this peaceful and cozy destination.

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Here you can find the wall calendar with beautiful pictures of Dalmatia.

Best wishes and stay fascinated.

Yours, Sandra Sachsenhauser

phototour sandra sachsenhauser the river zrmanja

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