The Church of the Holy Spirit – Crkva Sveti Duh

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The Church of the Holy Spirit – Crkva Sveti Duh

Zadar city in Croatia has uncountable picturesque villages located in its county and municipalities.

The Church of the Holy Spirit

How the Bora (Bura) wind contributed to build the church of the holy spirit. This is how the legend was conveyed from generation to generation.

Once upon a time in the 15th century…

An ordinary evening on the Novigrad sea. The fishermen are laying out their nets and hope to be rewarded with a good catch. Suddenly, an unexpected hefty Bora wind (Croatian: Bura)  started to blow so strong, that it ripped apart the nets of the hard-working fishermen. The Bora began to throw them around into the rough and choppy sea. Darkness has arrived, and miraculously under the cover of the night, the turbulent sea washed the fishermen up onto the sandy beach Žabokrek. Tired, but happy because they all made it out unharmed, the fishermen greeted the morning. With the first light beam of the sunrise, the good fortune was even greater when they realized, that their boat was intact with minor damage only. To express their gratitude for all the good that happened to them, despite all the troubles that befell them, the fishermen built a church.

Small Island, small church, a great love!

A place with such a scenic view and atmosphere triggers always ideas and a tradition was born soon.

Therefore, if one plans a wedding, this small island with its small church is the perfect location to say the important words to the great love of your life.

The church facade is made of the local material, such as the stones which are used in Dalmatian building tradition since centuries. The ‘bell house’ construct is above the entrance and during the year the bell is kept safely inside the church, when not in use. At least once a year, for Pentecost, when the municipality celebrates this day, the bell is taken from the church and taken to its place above. The Pentecost holy day is usually celebrated with a procession of boats going from the Posedarje waterfront to the nearby island, where the holy mass is celebrated in front of the church of the holy spirit.

Posedarje, Zadar County

Posedarje (Croatian pronunciation: [pǒsedaːrje])  is a picturesque village with 3,607 inhabitants (2011 census), located in the heart of the Dalmatian hinterland (Zadar County).

It’s situated on the northwest coast of the Novigrad sea, 25 km from Zadar (Coordinates 44°18′45″N 15°28′36″E).

Posedarje has several beaches and one of the most attractive ones, is the sandy beach with the healing mud. This beach is next to the small ‘Church of Sveti Duh’. The shore with its shallow waters is a paradise for children and all those who love sport activities on a sandy place. It’s a tourist spot during the summer season for more than over 50 years.

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