Photography – Isolation – Countryside

Sandra Sachsenhauser Phototour4you

Photography – Isolation – Countryside

Corona, Covid-19, is a crisis, a something, an occurrence, intangible because only the effects are visible.

Because of the partly lockdown and the restrictions put in action via ‘social distancing’ to meet with friends or other people, the crisis motivated me to start my photo series „Photography – Isolation – Countryside”.

Sandra Sachsenhauser Phototour4you
Isolation Countryside

Luckily, we are currently on the astonishing countryside of the ‘Lower Bavaria’ region with the beautiful soft hills and valleys. In April and May, in the middle of the spring season, the nature is awakening and becomes more and more colorful. I always enjoy the silence to the fullest, just by watching a farmer doing his daily work in the fields or a grazing horse and listening to the busy chirping birds. 

Trust me, then you easily forget about the daily pandemic routine, with all the necessary restrictions. 

Photography and Crisis

Photography is, even when the time span of its existence is just a blink of an eye in earth’s history, part of an evolutionary process. Evolution always finds a way. However, this crisis is experienced in a unique way by everyone, so is the perception of all events in a person’s life. For most people is this a correlation that usually takes place in a pictorially manner. Is this the reason why pictures make us pause and think for a moment? In evolutionary terms we humans are “eye beings”, which means that images are processed with priority, and when we see something that appeals to us, it affects our emotions. Whether something calms or stimulates us or even scares us is also very individual.

Perception is individual

Therefore, it is clearly established, that everyone has an individual perception. In our social interactions and communication, we are eager to make ourselves understandable. We like to communicate in a pictorial way when something is particularly complex or difficult to convey to the other person.

My series “Isolation – Countryside” show, that nature isn’t aware of Covid-19 and that life goes on in its evolutionary continuity.

Sandra Sachsenhauser Phototour4you
Beautiful Landscape in Lower Bavaria

Grab the next possibility and enjoy the beautiful nature around you. Take a deep breath and I promise, you will not worry about a thing.

Stay inspired


Sandra Sachsenhauser

2 thoughts on “Photography – Isolation – Countryside

  1. Even Lower Bavaria becomes an interesting travel destination with these beautiful pictures.

    1. Yes, the pictures tell the truth about Lower Bavaria. One can call it the Tuscany of Bavaria. Additional the people are very open and friendly in Lower Bavaria.

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